Brain Aneurysm Surgery​

Aneurysm is a condition in which the blood vessels in the brain bulge to such an extent that they can rupture and cause some serious damage to the brain. This condition occurs when the blood vessels in the brain start thinning.

Complex Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain tumors are group of unwanted cells which tend to accumulate at one spot, grow and become a mass in your brain. Since your brain is protected by skull which is known as cranium scientifically, accumulation of any mass will try to create pressure on the brain.

Complex Spinal Cord Tumor Surgery

Spine supports your body to stand upright and do everyday simple activities. Sometimes there is a spurt of unwanted cell growth which leads to an accumulation of mass of unwanted cells.

Degenerative Spine Surgery

Let us first understand what degenerative spine is. As we grow older, our spine degenerates which means it will lose its normalcy and will not function normally as it would. It will lose its structure over time and could change your posture, give you a lot of pain while sitting or standing.