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Let us first understand what degenerative spine is. As we grow older, our spine degenerates which means it will lose its normalcy and will not function normally as it would. It will lose its structure over time and could change your posture, give you a lot of pain while sitting or standing. Usually it is associated with aging. There might be three conditions that could arise one being the slipped disc, the second being narrowing of spinal cord or spinal stenosis and the third being due to degeneration of cartilage which is also known as osteoarthritis.
For slipped disc, there are different procedures that are followed depending on the severity. One of the most common one being spinal fusion in which two vertebrae are fused together using other bones in your body. Another procedure that is commonly used for elder patients is artificial disc surgery. In this surgery, the disc is replaced with an artificial disc that would bring back the shock absorbing property. This surgery is complex and might require a lot of bed rest. Usually for spinal stenosis a procedure called laminectomy is done where the small incision is made so that roots of the nerves are relaxed. Usually in the initial stages of degeneration medication and proper exercise is enough to recover from the condition but if there is too much of degeneration a surgery would be advised. The post surgery precautions would normally be not doing suddenly lifting weights or any sudden movement that would strain your back. Physiotherapy would be prescribed where the physiotherapist will introduce small exercises so that your spine goes back to being normal.
As any problem in the spine would interfere with your daily activities, it is advised to choose a surgeon who has both expertise and experience. Simple activities like sitting, standing or even moving will become a herculean and painful task. Dr. T Suresh has over 14 years of experience in surgery and has performed a lot of surgeries with high success rate. Book your appointment today with the best surgeon in the town.