Complex Brain Tumor Surgery

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Brain tumors are group of unwanted cells which tend to accumulate at one spot, grow and become a mass in your brain. Since your brain is protected by skull which is known as cranium scientifically, accumulation of any mass will try to create pressure on the brain. The major symptom that is observed is severe, unbearable headache. Usually tumors are associated with cancer but there are cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. If it is a cancerous tumor then chemotherapy along with surgery is required.
There are different methods to remove the tumor inside the brain depending on the tumor size and the risk associated with the different parts of the brain. Biopsy is a surgery that helps in removing tiny tumors where the cells are observed and tested under a microscope and then removed. There are two types again in biopsy which are performed depending on the location of the tumor namely, open biopsy and needle biopsy. Craniotomy is a surgery that is performed for a relatively big tumor. An incision is made on the head, the bone of the cranium is cut open, incision is made on the outer part of the brain and the tumor is exposed and this exposed tumor is operated. Sometimes there is a risk of performing the operation on a patient but the tumor has the chance of growing more that is when a shunt is used. A shunt is a narrow tube that is sent inside the brain to suck out the fluids that are produced. This procedure is a temporary procedure when the tumor is creating a lot of pressure on the brain.
When it comes to performing brain surgeries, experience matters a lot. Dr. T Suresh has over 14 years of experience in this field and has treated patients who have had complex and multiple brain tumors. Brain surgeries can have lot of complications if not treated by the right surgeon on time. Book your appointment today with Dr. Suresh to get the best medical treatment possible.