Brain Aneurysm Surgery

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Aneurysm is a condition in which the blood vessels in the brain bulge to such an extent that they can rupture and cause some serious damage to the brain. This condition occurs when the blood vessels in the brain start thinning. Consider a pipe through which the water flows. This pipe has to supply different homes. When the pipes become thinner, the amount of water that flows will also reduce and sometime the water may come down with such a huge force that it may break the pipe. Similarly the blood flows in your brain and the blood vessels are the pipes.
When this condition occurs, the blood vessel is overburdened and gets weak after a point of time. When not treated properly, it might lead to loss of blood or even a stroke. There are different sections in your brain and different sections have different sizes or diameters of blood vessels. The smaller the diameter more is the chance that it will rupture sooner. Therefore different techniques are used for different sizes of the blood vessels. There are two types of aneurysm surgeries, clipping and endovascular repair.
In case of clipping, there will be a small clip that is inserted at the base to prevent it from rupturing. In endovascular repair, small tube with wires is sent to the place of aneurysm. The wire coils and will help in clotting the blood inside the brain which will prevent the blood vessel from rupturing. There will be lot of post surgery effects that could be visible but as you give it time everything settles down. Both these surgeries need steady and experienced hands. Dr.T.Suresh has been in this field of complex cerebrovascular surgery for around 15 years and knows his way round.